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Crowley Electrician

Crowley Emergency Electrical Repair

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Welcome to Crowley Electrician, Texas' one-stop-shop for all your electrical needs. From chandelier installations and fixture change-out to pool lighting and fan installation, our local electricians tackle anything and everything that can be electrified. Looking for a car electrician, commercial electrician, or master electrician? We have them too. Think of us as a warehouse of electricians just waiting to jump at the chance to tackle something new. We dare you to stump us; with a combined two centuries of electrician service, our certified electrician service can't be beaten.

About Us

Homegrown right here in Crowley, we're descended from generations of electricians, tradesmen, and craftsmen, who've passed down everything they know directly to us. Known as the best in the biz, we know how to wire secure lighting or add tree lighting and motion sensors to enhance your outdoor living space. If you can dream it, we can wire it. Our clean-cut professionals are Southern gentlemen to the core. Our guys are big on manners, punctuality, and even know to automatically remove their shows. We know letting strangers into your house is a big deal, which is why Crowley Electrician champions the eloquence of Southern hospitality and know-how to get the job done right.

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    Our Services

    If we haven't yet impressed you with our vast array of skills and services, perhaps our expertise in breaker boxes, ceiling fan lighting, track lighting, and landscape and tree lighting installation will do the trick. Our never-ending services and all-encompassing crew is hard-wired to give you the affordable electrician services you deserve whenever you need the most. Our pride, passion, and customer commitment are as big as Texas and as impressive as our Cowboys. Don't settle for overrated, when top rated's just a click or call away.

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    Residential Electrical Repair

    Whether you want to upgrade your wiring, replace your electrical panel, or get a new Smart appliance hooked up, our electricians' tool belt is always strapped on and ready to go. From fridges and freezers, service upgrade requirements, you'll never have to Google "electricians near me" because we'll always be the first call on your list once we show you what we can do.

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    Commercial Electrical Repair

    Have an industrial dryer that keeps going down? Short-circuiting the floor whenever apartment 1406 plugs in their microwave? Fed up with backward wiring and light switches that don't do what they're supposed to? Our commercial services tackle everything from industrial electrician services to fluorescent lighting. Let our low electrician price list champion your budget while we work our magic around your business.

    "Our mechanical room's sensors all seemed to blow simultaneously; shutting down our production for more than three hours we tried to find someone to get the rest of our equipment back on running. After three hours of calling everywhere, Crowley Electrician knew what to do right away. They were on the ground and had our production line running within the hour. We programmed them on every manager's phone and haven't called anyone else since. These guys know what they're doing!" -Tim A.

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    Whether you need help rewiring your lighting switches or are converting your home to smart plugs, our amazing team of licensed electricians knows their away around a switch. If timers and dimmers aren't your taste,  perhaps installing a single click remote to run your home is more your style? Whatever your preference we have the perfect switch to illuminate your life.


    Knob and tube wiring got your down? Faulty wiring hindering your insurance premiums? Need your plugs and outlets grounded? Looking to install an extra outdoor plug for easy rich? Show us the plug, wall, or outlet and we can install, upgrade, and revamp your existing infrastructure with ease.

    "I needed some outdoor lighting installed in our backyard before a major party. We had hired another company and they had really dropped the ball. We basically had to find another company last minute and Crowley Electrician came highly recommended. While we didn't have much of an option, we put our blind faith in them and they didn't let us down! They had everything installed just as we wanted and were even completed and gone the day before the event. A thousand thank yous!" - Tatijana K.

    two workers working together
    Breaker Panel Replacement

    When you're trying to sell your house, upgrading your electrical panel is an easy fix that is going to be a guaranteed element almost any purchaser is looking for. We can easily upgrade your panel, increase your power, and even wire a generator in just in case of good ole fashion inclement Texas weather. get real solutions to your most pressing problems fast, with Crowley Electrician.

    man changing the ceiling lamp

    When you want to install recessed can lighting, under cabinet lighting, or any other lighting imaginable, let our sophisticated team of design pros show you how we go way beyond traditional electrician services. If you've been suffering from mismatched wiring, constant breaker issues, and lighting switches that don't seem to do anything whatsoever, Crowly Electrician's team of round the clock electricians are always here to help.

    "We've used Crowly Electrician as our electricians for everything and everything forever. They've wired nurseries for us and have even been our car electrician when a fuse blew. They honestly do absolutely everything and always have the same employees, which makes it so much easier when you're letting people into your home. Absolutely thrilled to know these stand-up gentlemen." -Pat H.

    Call Us Today

    Are you experiencing a major catastrophe? Has one of your home DIY projects gone off the rails? Does everyone else on the black have power but for some unknown reason you've been left in the dark? Our emergency electricians are on-call  24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Christmas lights left you dining by candlelight in a less than desirable way? We work Christmas too. When we say 24-7-365 we mean it. No matter the time, just hit the Call Now button and you'll be in touch with one of our local electrician whizzes immediately.

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