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Breaker Panel Replacement

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Do you need a service upgrade? Tired of blown breakers? In desperate need of more power? Want to sell your home and need to upgrade your electrical panel? At Crowley Electrician we do all of that! Whether you've had a major insurance setback, or just need a breaker panel that's built for the 21st century, our local electricians and certified electrician services can easily launch your home into the power-fuelled hub needed this day in age.

Why Do I Need a Breaker Panel Replacement?

If your day-to-day life is constantly leaving you in the dark, your lifestyle is likely drawing more power than it can provide. If you've been timing your microwave snacks with your vacuuming schedule, you're definitely overexerting your current power panel. It doesn't mean that something's broken, or that you're doing something wrong. The truth is, that our evolving digital age draws more power than households used to, and traditional panels just aren't up to the task of keeping up.

But wait? All of your appliances are rated for energy efficiency, right?

From your smart plugs and appliances to your home automation devices, all of these added extras can draw more power from your panel regardless of how efficient they are.

What Size Do I Need?

If you have a really old home, you'll need an electrical panel that delivers at least 100 amps if you're going to sell in in today's market. In fact, larger homes that have big families, pools, additional home theaters, or outdoor shops attached to them will likely need an electrical panel as big as 200 amps. From outdoor lighting to fluorescent lighting, all those additional places and products that need electricity will also require a larger breaker panel.

How Much Do They Cost?

If you've decided it's time to energize your life, but are concerned about the costs, our affordable electrician services will make sure you're not paying a penny more than you have to. While all installations are different, an average installation of a 100 amp panel can cost as little as $800 while a 200 amp can be less than $2000. While that may seem like a ton of money you can't shell out, factoring in damage to equipment from sudden power surges and under-performing key products like pool pumps, can actually end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars down the line in replacement and repair costs if you're not delivering proper power to them.

Energy Audit

Crowley Electrician knows that investing in a new breaker panel is never as easy as making a simple phone call-- but that's actually all you need to do. If you're in the market for a new electrical panel, all you have to do is hit the Call Now button. We'll put you in touch with a licensed electrician who can assist you with one of our no-obligation energy audits. We'll ask you questions about your home, your plans for the future, and help you best your determine your power needs. We'll make sure you're never upgrading your panel to something that won't support your home in a few years, and we'll never sell you on way more power than you need. Just answer a few easy questions about your lifestyle and we guarantee you that we can find you the perfect service upgrade for your panel and life.

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