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Commercial Electrical Repair

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Keeping your business up and running means keeping your services and production going-- no matter what. Clients rely on you, distributors count on you, and customer's businesses depend on you doing what you do best for their own performance. When your business is suffering from electrical issues, it can affect everything from your office's lighting to your assembly line. When you're stuck with malfunctioning equipment you need an industrial electrician you can trust. Crowley Electrician operates around the clock to work with your schedule and get your business back online fast.

For the Office

Small things like lighting, plugs, and print and copy equipment can slow down your team's productivity and make your business appear less than stellar when it comes to day-to-day operations. From the installation of extra switches to fixing the copier that's the talk of the water cooler, we tackle everything from your business's look to its operation.

HighRise and BAS/BMS

Is your big business dependent on a Building Automation System or Building Management System? From making sure the temperature's perfect to ensuring that the relays are communicating, our qualified industrial electricians provide truly affordable electrician services. Whether it's the middle of the night or the middle of the day, we can get your business's environment back to normal in no time. Stop sweltering with underperforming AC due to electrical failure, or walking to your car in the dark due to poor lighting timers and malfunctioning mechanisms. Whatever the issue, we can easily diagnose and ensure that your system has the upgrades and fixes it needs to keep performing properly for years to come.

Warehouse and Manufacturing

When your business is all about the assembly line, small electrical issues can cause major performance breakdowns. From conveyor belts with error codes to machines that won't power on, we easily diagnosis and major malfunctions 24-hours a day to ensure that your business is performing at its peak rate.


If you're a senior's home, restaurant, hotel, or dance club, providing first-class experiences is intrinsic to your business model. From commercial washers and dishwashers with motherboard issues to serious problems with your compressors kicking out due to poor electrical relays, we'll help you get your most important equipment back on track. Having issues with audio? No power getting through to your dining room? Have guests eating in the dark? Whatever your hospitality woe we're experts at fixing them. From fluorescent lighting fixes to landscape and tree lighting issues on your patio, one simple call to us can mean having your hospitality venture back in operation and functioning better than ever-- all in just a few hours.

Routine Maintenance

Why not give us a call before a big breakdown? More often than not, routine and scheduled maintenance can help you catch major problems before they turn into major malfunctions. From weekly visits to yearly checkups, our local electricians examine all parts of your business and property. From fraying wires to serious mechanical overloads, our routine inspections can make sure that your business is never left behind when you're committed to delivering a top-notch product.

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