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Is your home or office suffering from dimly lit rooms, lackluster lighting, or outdated lighting throughout your property? At Crowley Electrician we help illuminate spaces so that they can be seen in the light they deserve. Our affordable electrician and lighting services tackle everything from motion sensors to under cabinet lighting so that you won't just look your best, but feel your best too.

Outdoor Lighting

We specialize in unique lighting layouts for all property types, and your outdoor living shouldn't stop you from making a splash. No matter what season you're in, we can invigorate outdoor living rooms, illuminate your business signage, and even get your pool lighting and deck looking their best. Our local electricians are experts at outdoor lighting style and do everything from motion sensor lighting to even installing outdoor ceiling fans and ceiling fan lighting. If your dimly lit and dark spaces have been failing your lifestyle needs, let Crowley Electrician take a peek. You'll be blown away by what we can do to your favorite space by just breathing a little light into it.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting is all about functionality. From Smart home lighting to fixture change-outs, we provide one-of-a-kind lighting schemes that are sure to bolster your home's best attributes. Imagine how much easier your life would be with under cabinet lighting, or what your cooking-game would be like with some much needed recessed overhead? If you've been wishing for it, one of our certified electricians can wire it.

Office Lighting

When your clients walk into your office space, they should be blown away by the pristine impressions your office delivers. Haphazard lamps, burnt-out bulbs, and lighting that doesn't reach every corner can really take a toll on your client's first impressions when they breeze through the door. From your exterior signage to showcasing your unique products, lighting is crucial when it comes to putting your business's best foot forward. From complete lighting redesigns to simple lighting installations, our local team is always ready to provide you with lighting schemes that are guaranteed to wow your clients and let your products shine.

Pool Lighting

Whether you're entertaining or are simply enjoying the fruits of your labor, sophisticated pool lighting is essential when you're living your best life by the pool. The party doesn't need to stop once the sun goes down. With Crowley Electrician's sophisticated line of pool and poolside lighting, whether you're planning a romantic rendezvous or keeping an eye on the kids, your backyard will come to life with our amazing lighting creations. We install lights that change color, lights that can be controlled by dimmers and timers. and can even install lighting schemes that operate with your smart home automation. If you've been investing in your home in all the wrong places, start with the serious significant impact only our pool lighting makes.


Whatever your style, Crowley Electrician has a solution. From turn-of-the-century estates to modern designs, our electricians can easily conceptualize and execute lighting concepts that work with every style. Have a few fixtures in mind? Need to change-out fixtures to suit your latest remodel or renovation? We do it all. Don't rely on the services of multiple contractors, when we do everything for you, and all with just one contractor and often in just one visit.

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