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Plug into your most important electronic devices and seasonal power with the ease only our local electricians can provide.

Have you been reaching next to your bed for a lamp or plug only to constantly be infuriated by your lack of proximity to a plug? Are you the king or queen of Halloween on your block and are constantly concerned by the tripping hazards and lack of power your current outdoor space provides? Are you running electrical cables and cords all over your home?

Stop the insanity! Crowley Electrician can help you and your entire home or office back on track easily with the installation of a few key plugs.

Where Can You Install Plugs?

We can install plugs virtually anywhere. From bedside plugs for your smart devices to outdoor plugs for your poolside needs, our licensed electrician services can provide you with power wherever you need it most.

Why Should You Have Them?

Extension cords are great for one-off, around the house needs; but when it comes to everyday needs, extension cords, power bars, and outlet enhancements can put you and your home's safety at risk. Extra cords add tripping hazards, while power bars and extenders can cause your most important electronic items to suffer from long-term damage. If you've fallen victim to cords and power bars littered everywhere throughout your home, you likely just need a few more professional plugs installed.

Why Should an Electrician Install Them?

When your life needs a simple service upgrade, you'll need a certified electrician to do the work for you. Since plugs pack some serious energy, they should never be installed by anyone who isn't a licensed and bondable contractor. Our affordable electrician services easily simplify lives by ensuring that your plugs are properly placed and wired into the proper breakers and places in your home.

What Types of Plugs do we Install?

At Crowley Electrician, we tackle everything from your bedside to poolside and everything that's in between. Whether you need added power in your outdoor shop, or seriously require some additional plug-ins in your family's most utilized rooms, our electricians can upgrade your lifestyle effectively virtually anywhere on your property.

We upgrade electrical systems by swapping out traditional electrical elements like plugs for new ones that are up to code and that comply with all regulations. We're also experts at installing plugs with USB ports for your mobile devices and watertight electric solutions for your waterside needs. If you're lacking power in a certain area on your property, we guarantee that we have a perfect power or plug solution for your area.

What Are Smart Plugs?

Smart plugs are the newest additions to modern homes. They provide direct connectivity to your mobile devices through a USB powered port that's built directly into your wall plug or socket. These plugs eliminate the necessity of a typical cube accessory for your electronic devices' power cord. Not only do they free up your plug's ports for more traditional items, but they provide easy access and no-hassle power options to your most important tablets, phones, and mobile devices.

From an industrial electrician you can trust to a residential electrician who can bring your home's functionality to life, Crowley Electrician is your one-stop-shop for better plug-in prowess.

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