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Residential Electrical Repair

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When your home's your castle, you'll want to ensure that it receives the royal treatment. If your home's been falling behind when it comes to necessary upgrades, proper power, and functional appliances, Crowley Electrician has everything you need to get your property back on its feet. Whether you've been suffering from an underperforming space or a security system that never seemed to work in the first place, our team has a licensed electrician standing by to help you live your life better now.

Smart Appliances

You might not have a brand new home, but you're probably just frothing at the mouth to start taking advantage of all of technology's new luxuries. From the latest dishwasher to that top-of-the-line fridge you just bought but can't seem to get working, our local electricians are skilled at installing and repairing your smart appliances. If you're tired of searching for a certain error code online, or just can't seem to make sense of what's wrong with your rinse cycle, Crowley Electrician specializes in remedying major issues from top-of-the-line brands across North America.

Security Systems

Security systems are one of the greatest things you can invest in when it comes to your home's safety, security, and functionality. If you're having problems with your existing system, require a service upgrade, or just need a system installed, our electricians are experts at remedying your biggest security issues and ensuring that your home is online and protected right away. From motion sensors to security cameras, your security is always our biggest concern. We can usually resolve any issue in just one visit and get an entirely new system installed in just a few days. If you've been feeling less than protected, take the time to let us show you why we're the best at what we do.


Looking to boost your lifestyle? Why not start with your home's lighting? Whether you're looking to upgrade your ceiling fan lighting or want to install some amazing pool lighting to enhance your backyard's ambiance, our pros have the design skills and product savvy to bring your illumination dreams to life. If you require simple assistance or are embarking on a ground-up renovation, whatever your lighting project, we guarantee that each of our licensed electricians can deliver you a lighting style that goes above and beyond anything you've been imagining.

Home Automation

Whether you've called us in for a security job or just want to get the rest of your home operating as well as your security system, our residential electrician solutions can help you optimize your online living. If you want to program all of your appliances right to the power of your phone, we do that. If you've been considering powering your lighting remotely for safety and security, we do that too. Perhaps you've been wanting to reduce your insurance rates by installing online water sensors, moisture sensors, and smoke detectors throughout your home? That's not a problem either. Our home automation electricians champion the 21st century by propelling homes into the digital age one room. and appliance, at a time.


Have you decided to start on a major renovation? Get the advice you need before you break ground by reaching out to one of the pros at Crowley Electrician. We'll review your plans, make suggestions, and help you pinpoint any areas of concern. From upgrading your electrical panel to considering the installation of Smart home feature; from lighting to wiring we'll be the ace up your sleeve when it comes time to renovate your space.

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