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a handyman fixing the switch

Isn't it funny how something as simple as a switch can end up being the thorn in your side? Don't sweat the small stuff! Crowley Electrician always has a licensed electrician standing by to help you with even the most simple electrical issues. If you've been going nuts over that lightswitch that doesn't seem to operate anything or are looking for an affordable electrician to reconfigure the switches in your room, our licensed electrician services are always available for your most frustrating projects.

What Does a Switch Do?

Much like the experience you have when using a switch, behind the scenes it operates in much the same way! A switch just stops or alters the flow of electricity. Think of it as a babysitter for your lighting, appliance, or electrical product.

Why Do You Need Them?

99% of switches we install are based upon functionality. From under-cabinet lighting to outdoor lighting, switches are all about powering your most important lighting and appliances at the touch or flick of a finger. Proper switches are great for lighting and outdoor living, providing you with instant access to different areas when you need it most. Whether you're tired of stumbling upstairs in the dark, or are done walking to the other room of the house to turn off your speaker system for the night, the installation of a simple switch can make a huge lifestyle difference.

Why Should an Electrician Install Them?

However simple a switch install can seem, you'll need a certified electrician to do the job. Things like insurance policies have clauses specifying that electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician. Otherwise, you might find yourself in violation of your insurer's rules! It doesn't matter if 's a switch for a ceiling fan or a dimmer switch for the bathroom, when it comes to electricity you need the professional assistance only our local electricians can provide.

What Types of Switches do we Install?

From a residential electrician to an industrial electrician, our team can install switches of all types. From emergency-off switches in commercial settings to charming dimmer switchers for your toddler's new room, our switches champion safety, security, and serious style whenever we come to call.

Do You Install Smart Switches?

Of course, we do! Smart homes are all the rage, and Smart switches are no exception. If you're looking for a service upgrade, or are completely new to smart home accessories, our team can get your home or business hard-wired and online in a few quick hours. From switches that work with your Smart home alarm system to preprogrammed dimmers and repeaters that interact with timers and motion sensors, our trusted local electricians are well versed in the digital switches and technologies that are dominating our wired generation.

When you want to power on faster, power off easier, and find out what that switch in your new home does, Crowley Electrician is the only call you need to make to connect to the local electricians who can immediately help you switch on your life more simply.

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